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Safety Measures After Circuit Breaker

Our company adopt safe working to protect our staff and our clients. These are some measures we will be taking as a company to ensure safe operation. We seek your cooperation to make production safe. Our management team will be working from home during phase one after the circuit breaker. If there is a need, […]

We are certified to service Cooke lenses

It was an intensive 3 days training. Mr. Guy Genin, the Technical Director of Cooke Optics Limited, taught us very well. At the end of 3 days, we covered the whole series of Cooke Primes including the Cooke Anamorphic prime lens. We were even taught how to calibrate the focusing and iris scale with the […]

Sigma Lens Servicing Training

Sigma has grown over the years in terms of product design and quality. We are thankful to be invited to Japan to visit the factory and to attend the lens servicing course conducted by Mr. Sato San. Customer service team Mr. Saito San and Ms. Ririko San did a great job in welcoming us. Lawson from […]


RED IPP2 is here! The latest firmware for Helium camera allows user to select and view the IPP2. Non Helium RED Camera footage can also enjoy the upgrade in image quality with post software that supports IPP2. Good news for any RED camera users. This means that RED has unified the RED camera workflow. From […]

Cine Zoom Lenses

  The quality of zoom lenses has improved over the years and today we have quality zoom lenses that performs exceptionally beyond the three times zoom range. Japanese Lens makers are producing quality glass that are narrowing the performance gaps between the top brands like Leica and Zeiss. That being said, brands like Fujinon and […]

Certified for Level 4 Servicing for Zeiss Lenses

        We have just been certified for level 4 service from Zeiss Germany certification. Cine level service and repair of ARRI/ZEISS lenses include: – Change front and Rear Element – Mount Change – Adjust flange focal distance – Change mechanical parts – Check and test lenses – General overhaul Please contact us […]

FREE! Introduction to RED Epic-W 8k Camera

8k resolution is coming to stay. RED Epic-W is an excellent tool to acquire that kind of resolution. How is the workflow like? How good is 8k? How will the footage work in post production? These questions will be answered in the free introduction to RED Epic-W camera session. Register at the link provided here. […]

Staff Upgrade – REDUCATION

Camwerkz believes in training our staff to maintain currency of knowledge to serve our clients. Cameras are updating firmware every now and then and users are concerned about the changes they might need to face when using them. At Camwerkz, we regularly update our knowledge so that we can suggest tips and functionalities which might […]