Studio rates

  • Weekdays 平日 (9:30AM-6:30PM):
    $37.45/hour or $53.50/hour with 2 Strobes
    $37.45 /小时$53.50 /小时、附加两组棚拍闪光灯
  • All other timings 其他时间:
    $48.15/hour or $64.20/hour with 2 strobes
    $48.15 /小时$64.20 /小时、附加两组棚拍闪光灯

All rates listed inclusive of GST

About the Studio

Conveniently located near Commonwealth MRT, size about 600 square feet (~5.9m wide x ~9m long x ~3.4m high), our two studios are suitable for small to mid-sized projects like fashion, portrait or product shoots.

Completely separated from the storefront for your privacy, it includes a changing room with full-body mirror and makeup area. The walls are full-edge vertical and horizontal cycloramas, giving a larger shooting space.

Back lighting bars are available for convenient and flexible backlight rigging without intrusive lighting stands.

The studios are furnished with air conditioning and seats. Plus, enjoy our BOSE sound systems integrated with phone docking and free wireless internet access while you use the studio, and get to know our pantry which many clients have come to love.

Basic grip equipment can be included in your booking for the convenience of your gaffer. Lighting equipment can also be booked at the client’s request. Background options include black, grey, yellow, orange, blue, and green roll paper as well as blue, grey, and orange muslin cloths.

You will never be alone during your studio shoot. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will be more than glad to provide assistance, should you require it, during your shoot.

我们的摄影棚位于联邦地铁站附近,交通十分便利。面积约600平方英尺(宽约5.9米,长约9米,高约3.4米),适合中小型项目,如时装、肖像或产品拍摄。 摄影棚与店面并不在同一个空间,不必担心您的隐私问题。摄影棚里带有全身镜和化妆区的更衣室。 拍摄面墙壁上方全边缘垂直,一面底面圆弧、提供更大的拍摄空间。 摄影棚上方装有横杆,提供您可以灵活的使用架设灯光,无需使用额外的灯光架。

摄影棚里配有空调, 提供座椅。此外,在您使用摄影棚的同时,可以使用我们的BOSE音响和免费的无线网路,并提供许多客户都喜爱的小点心。 灯光器材可以依您的需求预订,我们提供基本的灯光配件。您可以选择不同的颜色当作您的拍摄背景。 在您使用摄影棚的期间,我们的员工将留守在旁,乐意提供帮助。 如果您想了解更多关于摄影棚租赁的信息或者预订一个日期使用摄影棚,请联系我们。