Transfer footage from Panasonic P2 Gear to external hard disk

Before you start: Ensure the Panasonic P2 gear is set to USB HOST mode. Hard Disk must be formatted to be compatible with the P2 gear. Hard disk will work on Mac and PC. Connect the External USB Hard Disk to the P2 gear to the side USB port.
2. Slot the P2 cards into the P2 Gear and power up the P2 Gear.
3. Exit thumbnail mode by pressing the Mode button once

4. Hold the thumbnail button for about 5 seconds. Once “HOST” (in Yellow) appears on the bottom right of the screen,release the thumbnail button.

5. Hard disk is now powered up and you can now press the thumbnail button once to see your thumbnail icons.

6a. Press the menu button once and scroll to HDD. Press the SET button to select it.
6b. You can select EXPLORE and then format the Hard Disk if you have not done so.
7. Select EXPORT and decide on which slot you want to transfer the footage from. You can select both.
8. Transfer will start and after completion, you can view the thumbnail under HDD > EXPLORE.
9. Playback is only possible for Panasonic AG-HPG20 and not the AG-HPG10.