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Setting Sony PMW200 to match EX Series

The Sony PMW200 utilizes a new format which provides 4:2:2 50MBPS. However, in certain circumstances matching the Sony PMW200 is required and this is a useful information that might come in handy. PMW-200 35Mbps 1920×1080 is available in FAT mode. FAT will be similar to EX series. Switch the camera mode to “FAT” in the […]

Sync Scan setting for Panasonic AC160 and HPX250

Sync Scan Setting The Panasonic AC160 and the HPX250 menu is a little different from the usual P2 series. If you are shooting a CRT monitor screen, the sync scan setting can come in very handy. Press the Dial Select Button (White arrow in picture) until the shutter speed appears on LCD. Then use the Shutter/Frame […]