Arri L7-C available for rental at Camwerkz Pte Ltd

A few years ago LED lights were predicted to penetrate the media production market as they consumed less power, give greater luminance and were small in size. As with all new ideas, they were not received very well. Complaints included flickering and glare to the eye, hence they were not suited as cinematography lights.

Technology and time have dismissed countless myths. Today, many makers of lights are exploring LEDs. Consumer lights are being quickly replaced with LEDs and many LEDs are making their way into photography and videography.

Arri is one of the leaders in cinematography lighting and they introduced the L7-C in recent years. This light produces an amazing 1000w and behaves closely to its tungsten 1000w cousin. Functionally, however, it surpasses tungsten in many ways. It eliminates the need of colored gels as this LED can be adjusted to almost any color you desire. Also, the color temperature can be set to match your HMI or other LED you are using; a very handy feature for any gaffer.

Camwerkz is proud to be the first to provide rental for the Arri L7-C LED light in Singapore.