Schneider Xenar III Cine Prime available at Camwerkz Pte Ltd


Schneider introduced their 3rd version Cine prime set – The Schneider Xenar 3 Cine Prime.
German glass are always highly sought after. Schneider has been making lenses and filters for decades and they have been wanting to produce a set of quality lenses for film makers.
This 3rd version were highly praised for their good price range and quality. Zero breathing and sharpness that match the Zeiss Ultra prime. This lenses are made for S35mm sensors which is the standard for most Cinematography cameras.

If you are seeking a good set of prime lens in front of your camera, Schneider Xenar 3 have to be in your consideration.
Camwerkz Pte Ltd is the first rental company to rent out the Schneider Xenar III Cine Prime in Singapore.

Review of Schneider Xenar 3 Cine Prime